Preset Spinning

The presets keep spinning. Noted on Waves Q10 and Waves tune


Hi @Young2000

What do you mean by this?


I apologize, I wrote in a hurry. The waves q10 and Waves tune presets are present 3 times.
It gave me the impression that scrolling through the presets started from the first instead of reaching the end and then returning to the first.

Hi @Young2000

Thanks for the clarification.
Unfortunately I’m unable to reproduce the problem, but shared it with the team.


Hi @Young2000

As stated above, the issue has been exchanged with our engineering.
Unfortunately we have not seen this before and have no clue why/how this happened.

You may give it a try to reinstall Cubasis.

IMPORTANT: Before deleting the app it is required to manually backup all your Cubasis files (audio files, projects etc.). Otherwise all those files are lost when deleting the app.

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thanks Lars,
I’ll probably keep cubasis with the presets tripled before doing any damage.
Do you have a backup tip? a tutorial? the folders to copy?

Hi Young2000,
Open the Files app, select “On My IPad”, select the small folder with a + on the front (top of screen), name it Cubasis Backup.
Now tap the Cubasis 3 folder, tap Select and then select all the folders, select MOVE (bottom of screen), go back and choose your new Cubasis Backup folder, double tap this folder and long press anywhere, select Move Items Here, make sure they all move over from the original folder, when done, you can delete Cubasis and reinstall it.
Once installed, open your Cubasis Backup folder and open each separate folder and, tap Select/Select All and tap Share/Copy, now open the new Cubasis 3 folder, open the empty folder with the same name as you have just copied, long press anywhere and select Paste. Do this for all folders, when finished, check everything has copied across successfully by launching Cubasis 3 and open and test a project, then delete your backup folder to save space.
Sounds complicated but it’s quite easy.
Hope this helps

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Done. Everything is ok.
Thank you Mike!