Preset types and their locations and a bit of Mediabay

There are transformer presets, track presets, plugin presets, VST Sound Set Content, VST Expression Maps, Project Templates… (not mentioning all the presets from 3rd party plug in developers)

I’m fine with that because it makes Cubase better. But here and there I started to add my own presets to the factory ones but I have no idea where they actually are on the hard drive. There is Mediabay but I cannot use it (horribly slow, rescanning eacht time it is opened). Every time I save an expression map or a plug in preset I feel it is buried somewhere in the depth of my system disk and I will never see it again. And since MB is the only way for many preset types to be located and loaded I avoid creating new ones where I can.

Time Machine is constantly making backups but imagine a hard drive fail. One would have to search and find this awful lot of folders, containing all user created presets, on the backup drive and put them in the right folders on the restored system drive.

Can’t there be just one folder for all these things?