Presets and GUI stored together?

Hi guys,

I recently realized that when creating instruments for Sonic SE the GUI of the instrument is stored WITH the preset. I think that’s akward and makes no sense at all. It makes even changing a logo after designing the presets impossible. Is there a reason for this? Or more important: Can this be changed? In my opinion that’s a neck-breaker for 3rd party developers (like me), so hopefully there’s a way around this?


Hi Marco.

You can save macro page separately as xml file.
This can make it even more confusing. If you make changes to macro page of particular preset afterwards, you get a warning message saying the macro page has changed, do you want to keep current or reload from file.

But if you are careful and organised, doing it this way should let you make changes to a saved macro page. Then when you rebuild the library all presets using the macro page should pick up the changes.

Oh, that sounds good! Will try that. Thanks!

I use the XML for versioning with git. This is really handy because It allows me to try bigger changes and then just turn back if I messed up.

Another time the XML was handy was when I changed the structure of my tree and had to adjust some scopes and addresses:
I just opened the XML file in a text editor and search/replaced the pathes, this is not possible directly in HALion (or is it?).