Presets and Templates locations

From Knowledge base:
Windows Vista / 7
Users/Your Username/Documents/VST3 Presets/Name of Manufaturer/Name of Plug-in/

This is terrible in my opinion. Any software that saves data should allow the user to choose the location of that data period. Do you know how cluttered people’s Documents folder gets?

Using other DAWs I have the following hierarchy:

D:\Music\Commercial Packs
D:\Music\Libraries\Komplete 9
D:\Music\Libraries\Steve Slate Drums
D:\Music\Libraries<etc… etc…>

Now when my drive fails, I don’t lose years of work. When I want to back things up and restore after I replaced my motherboard, I don’t lose years of work. If I connect my computer to a different domain or change user accounts, I don’t leave crap all over my hard drive. Everything is in one place and I know where to find it. I can also do a search on D:\Music if all else fails.

If every software developer hardcodes the path we end up with a fricken mess. I don’t want
C:<user account 1>\Documents\Vsts\Presets
C:<user account 2>\Documents\Vsts\Presets
C:<admin account 1>\Documents\Vsts Presets
C:\Program Files\Vsts Presets
C:\Program Files x86\Vst Presets

That is a fricken mess.

Please for the love of Pete allow us to choose the location of any and all saved data.

The only thing that should go in My Documents are actual documents that I want to put in My Documents. I’ll go rant on an MS forum about the atrocity that is \App Data, but it has already been ranted on many times.


I agree it would be a nice option to be able to choose paths for all sorts of files and settings.

Perhaps it’s possible to alter these settings in your registry or with one of the Cubase XML files.

But I’m glad they are stored by default in MY Windows profile.
This is the place for windows to keep most of my settings,
I think the reason these settings are Stored in “Documents” and not in “Appdata” is because Appdate is by default a hidden map
Just keep a up to date backup of your profile, and you have a backup of much more then just your Cubase settings.
And when someone else uses my computer, they can’t ruin the settings I’ve made.