Presets are too new for Halion

I have the latest version of Halion but I keep getting this error message when I try and load many presets “this preset was saved by a newer version of Halion” Has anyone else experienced this issue and have any idea why or what will fix this?

Hi, can you take a screenshot of one of the presets that give you this error? Please note that if you’re trying to use the content that’s included with Cubase, you should probably be using Halion Sonic 7, not Halion Sonic SE.

Hi - its doing it in Halion 7 and Sonic 7


Make sure, you have the latest HALion Sonic SE 7 and HALion Sonic 7 update installed. Also, make sure the MediaBay component is up to date. The MediaBay component should become updated automatically, once you start Steinberg Download Assistant.

Ive checked all the download/update

options and as far as I can tell I’ve got the most up-to-date version.

If you can, please download the Halion 7 content again. The factory library has received many updates over the years. I suspect you have an old version of Anima which is not fully compatible with Halion 7.

Yes the red small circles with the presets indicate a problem with them, be it to old or authorisation problem.
The error message is just inaccurate I guess

I think this was a series of muddled paths to libraries as the locations/drives have been changed multiple over the last couple of years - the dialog wasn’t helpful. Redownloading seems to have fixed most of the issues - Thanks for your suggestions