Presets can't be saved

For some reason, when I try to save a preset for any plugin I get the following error:

You are not allowed to save the preset to this location. Please choose the following folder or any subfolder.

‘/Library/Audio/Presets/Waves/C6 Stereo’

Shouldn’t the location be /Users/xxx/Library…

I couldn’t find anyway to change the default.

Can you post a screen shot of the error message?

I believe I have also seen this issue with various plugins, Sonnox in particular. I was never able to solve it and had to resort to using the internal presets of the plugin itself rather than WaveLab’s preset options.

For some reason I couldn’t figure out how to post within the message…
It’s an attachment called elftest.jpeg

Yep, that’s the same message I’ve seen with Sonnox and some others I can’t recall at the moment. I can check with Waves when I get in to the studio but I don’t use Waves often enough in WaveLab to know if I have the problem.

I remember reporting it to PG we never did find the solution other than using the preset option inside the plugin rather than the WaveLab menu preset.

I’m not getting this error with Waves but I do get it a similar error with other plugin brands like Sonnox.

I have no idea why.
Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 10.57.50 AM.png

None of the waves plugins that I own are installed on my current system (I don’t use waves at all anymore) but I remember this. There are two ways to save the preset … in Sonnox (and waves from memory) it can be done from the “bar” at the top of the GUI where the current preset name is displayed. Clicking this presents another save preset dialogue … ‘different’ to the save preset from the top right. Hopefully this is the same on your system and addresses your issue.

Seems OK here under Windows 10. Perhaps Mac only.

Yes, I suspect it’s a Mac-only issue. Maybe something with the quirks/permissions of MacOS file system that was overlooked or not well tested compared to Windows.

PG? Anyone have the answer?

Can you add manually a file in this folder?
/Library/Audio/Presets/Waves/C6 Stereo’

There is no /Library/Audio/Presets/Waves/C6 Stereo folder… only /Users/xxx/Library/Audio/Presets/Waves/C6 Stereo. I can manually add a folder or file to /Library/Audio/Presets/… but only if I enter my password to enable administrator mode.
/Library/Audio/Presets/ contains only only the Steinberg Media Technologies folder.

You should have this selected. Is it the case?

Yes, that was the problem.