Presets carried over on upgrades

On upgrades, say 10 to 10.5, can we please have Cubase carry over the presets? Especially Logical Editor, as it s a pain to have to do it manually every time there is an upgrade. Thanks.

It already does, always have ?

Interesting if they carry over for you, they certainly never have with me. I just upgraded from 10 to 10.5 and the presets were not carried over.

I’ve always had them carry over too. But some folks have issues with it not. I’ve seen speculation that it is related to if during the installation you choose to install it for all users or just yourself - don’t know if this is true or not. I always install it for just me, 'cause I’m the only on on the machine.

I am not sure I have ever installed an upgrade for all users or just for myself. I use the Steinberg Download Assistant and I’m not sure I know where in the installation process that option is. In any event, I know it happens to others i.e. this video on YouTube.

Also had this discussion some time ago :

It’s certainly good to hear that you guys don’t have the problem, and maybe next time I upgrade/update I need to look for the “all users” or “individual” option.

It’s a checkbox near the beginning of the actual installation. But this is only a rumored cause, so…

This option has (fortunately) disappeared since Cubase 10, see:

Cubase is now always installed for everyone. Maybe problems can arise if the previous Cubase 9.x installation was for a specific user only.

Thanks for the info.