Presets convert between VST2 and VST3

First post.

I have made myself some presets for my SSL Duende Channel strip v2. This weekend I upgraded the Duende to v3.5 - Windows 7 and Nuendo 5.
I copied the preset folders with VST2 presets to this location: [Users/$USERNAME/Documents]/VST3 Presets/$COMPANY/$PLUGIN-NAME/
When I installed Nuendo I got both VST2 and VST3 sets of plug-ins – which share the same VST3 folder.
I managed to rescan the above mention plug-in folders in MediaBay so I could find them in Duende VST2.
So, I have my old presets to my SSL Duende VST2 – but I can not use then in the same plug-in VST3 version.
Are there any way to (batch-)convert presets between VST2 and VST3?



Assuming that the VST2 versions have all presets available in a list, you can always open the VST2 version & then convert to VST3 from the plugin load/save preset dialogue - the Steinberg Soundframe one, not the SSL one.
I don’t own the Duende (PCI??) plugs so cannot be certain though.

Thanks neilwilkes,
but I can not find a way to build the presets as a list. I can not reach the VST2 presets from the VST3 plugin version.
Anyone knows how to convert between VST2 presets and VST3 presets?