Presets for Mac

I cannot find a fix! All the suggestions for fixes talk about C drives and App Date locations–What about Mac?! I tried to apply the fix to locations that seem reasonable enough Mac analogues of those places, but to no avail!

I just want to use my very expensive software! I hate to be dwelling on this annoying little problem! I have sunk too much time searching the net for a fix! This should be simple, not some esoteric procedure!

try this:

In Preferences there is no Cubase subfolder at all. Nothing that says Steinberg or Cubase. :open_mouth:

Certainly there is.

~/Library/Preferences/Cubase 7/

Paste that into the dialog you get by hitting shift-command-g in the Finder.

I appreciate your help. I do. I just can’t get it. I did what you said. I copy and pasted the preset folders from app content. Seems like that should work. But I get nothing.

What’s odd though is that I double clicked an Apache xml for the hellofit. It launched Logic Pro 9. Weird?

Also, I trashed Cubase 6 but its preferences folder is still in the library. I don’t know if that has anything to do with it.

I got it working. I had copied them to the cubase 7 folder but not in its presets subfolder. Thanks man. :smiley: