Presets for Meta Loudness Normalizer Function

Hallo together,

are there any Presets for the Meta Loudness Normalizer Funktion for a Audio CD Mastering Montage?
(i found only a Factory Preset for Broadcast in Wavelab)

e.g. Youtube has set the new Standard at -13 LUFS.

You could load the factory Broadcast preset, change the Montage Output Loudness value to -13 LUFS, and then save that as a custom YouTube preset.

To make a CD preset, you could change the LUFS value to 0, adjust the Maximum Peak to something like -0.5 or -0.3, and save as a custom CD preset. The level won’t be anywhere near LUFS 0 because the peak settings will take care of that, but it should perform very basic maximizing for CD without limiting. If you don’t care about True Peaks, you could change the peaks setting to Digital Peaks and get a little more loudness.

@ bob99
thank you for your tip.
i’ll try this.