Presets for the Export Audio Mixdown dialog

It’s tedious …
to set the EAM dialog over and over and over again with small changes but you have to keep track of all of it all the time or otherwise the result may be unpredictable.

Channel selection and Export Range are of no interest, as they must change from project to project.

The rest I’d like to be able to save and recall and then I know exactly what I get when I recall a preset.
No need to double and triple check or clean up after spraying my hard drives with files I have no use for in strange locations.

What about having an extra column to the left of the checkboxes with an extra checkbox for what to include in the preset.
So if I create a preset and I want it to include Real Time Export then I check the new checkbox to the left of the checkbox for Real Time Export.
When I’ve set up my preset like I want it in the new column I hit a save button and BOOM! Done!
Simple enough.

If that’s not possible can we at least have a checkbox for File Location > File Name > Set To Project Name ???
I’m kind of tired to click that as 98 percent of what I do in that box is to use the Project name,
If there was a checkbox remembering its state there instead of two clicks to set it up like I want it I’d be VERY happy.

I would add the wish for a better tag handling
or something like use the project name as file name and use the file name as track name
most of the time I export rough mixes and the project names have numbers at the end reflecting these versions and I copy the filename by hand to the track name…