Presets for VST channel configurations ?

I have created a multi-output VST setup for Groove Agent One by

  1. opening the VST Rack
  2. loading GA1
  3. loading a preset for GA1 that I created with 10 pads routed to outputs 1-10
  4. activating 10 outputs for the GA1 channel on the rack (18-20 clicks)
  5. going into the project window (or mixer) and changing the name of the 10 individual output channelsl for GA1 to match the name of the kit component routed to that output
  6. create a midi track routed to GA1 - midi in

I did this in an empty project and saved it as a template which I can load for a new project, but I want to be able to load this into existing projects as well.

On p. 212 tha manual describes track presets for instrument tracks but that doesn’t appy here, and vst presets don’t seem to cover output channel configuration.

I tried a mult track preset by selecting the mid track and the output channels for GA1 on the project window and saving as a track preset, but it only seems to capture the midi track. The VST presets only capture configurations made on the GA1 gui .

Is there a way to create a preset that would capture the output channel activation and renaming?