presets from connections menu

Ey Guys,

I have a question about connections menu ( the f4 place :wink:

Now, there about 16 inputs from different sources that I created a setup for in one studio. I would like to duplicate this over to all the other studios.

Is it possible (in nuendo 5) to take the preset from one rig and copy it over to another? If so, how?


It is possible… I did it with a migration to a new rig.

There is a xml file someplace that holds all the I/O routings… Moving this to different systems could be dicey… I would be more inclined to enter them all in manually, which is what I wound up doing in order to eliminate the xml as a cause of errors I was experiencing with N5…

Steinberg also suggested to me to build all my prefs from scratch. This was a new installation on a new system.

The best way to deal with all this is actually pretty simple.

A. Create a dummy preset in your old system, with an outspoken name.
B. Search your C-drive and find out where the preset is located.
C. Move the preset from the Nuendo 4 folder to the same place in your Nuendo 5 folder.
D. test.

If not working properly (very unlikely) , rebuild preset from scratch.


Thanks. I just figured out anohter easy awy to replicate the setup.
Save a project with the connections and then open that in the other workstations. Since the soundcard is the same in all workstations it automartically works correctly.