Presets from third party provider

I hope its ok with a question about third party providers presets.

I have long wondered and tried to get a solution how I can load a preset from a third party provider called Plugin Alliance.
I will attach pictures to explain what it looks like when I load a preset but can’t.

Since the solution lies somewhere between the Plugin Alliance (P-A) and Cubase Pro 10, I now turn to you after two months of trouble. P-A cant understand what the problem is.

Some plugins I can load in some plugins from P-A but some refuse to load.
If there is any way to solve this on STENBERG’s part, I would be grateful.
What makes me almost see them but not load them? The pictures show what it looks like.


As far as I can see on the 1st screenshot, the folder is not enabled, so it’s not scanned by MediaBay. Canyon enable it, please?

Yes I have scanned the Mediabay back and forth but the plugin won´t find the presets anyway.
About a third of all the plugins from P-A behave in this way, there is no presets to find :frowning:
Next step?


Enable the check-mark on the 1st screenshot, please.

Thanks for looking in to my issue but to enable the check-mark Impossible I am afriad :-/
Its not clickable.
Is there some kind of permissions or security settings I can change?
The strange thing is that some of the P-A Plugins works fine when finding presets and I have no other issues with any other third party provider or Stenbergs for that matter

Could ONEDRIVE be a part of the problem? (I really dislike ONEDRIVE) it might have taking over the path ways to the plugin presets. I am not sure and other plugin presets is where it should be.

How do I change the path in Mediabay? See the Path in green. Or should I change somewere else?
It seems that ONEDRIVE has taken over the path from the one I rather would prefer, and without me knowing it.

C:\Users\peter\OneDrive\Dokument\VST3 Presets\Plugin Alliance

Tha path I want (without Onedrive)
C:\Users\peter\Documents\VST3 Presets\Plugin Alliance


Yes, if the presets are not stored locally, but they are stored in the cloud, this might be an issue.