Presets in nuendo.. always lost

in the Audio Connections - Outputs window
There’s Inputs, Outputs and Control room that have presets.
where are they located ? where ?
this link didn’t help

presets are always a nightmare to me when updating or changing computer.
And the Profile manager really didn’t solve that.

The presets for this kind of settings are system specific, that’s why it makes no sense to store this in the profile.

it does :wink:
I’m sure your setup uis steady and not moving. But other people work differently.

Hell, no
It changes all the time…
I change interfaces as needed… DVS, Dante AVIO, FF800, some clients use Focusrite Scarlett’s,
NI Traktor 6, Apollo USB, X32 USB, Allen & Heath consoles with USB
And sometimes I change computers as well.
But as already mentioned, if the interface changes, presets make no sense.
They are not usable on a different machine with a different interface.

where did I say “with a different interface” ?
anywas dozens of senarios where this is useful you don’t need/see them great good for you but we’re wasting our time here.