Presets of effects are gone?

New here.
I have Cubase Artist 12.
All worked fine since the insallation. Since a few weeks the (factory) presets of all my effects are no longer showing with the drop down menu.
Any ideas on how to get them back?

Hello Marc,
welcome to the forums.

You might think I am crazy for suggesting what I am about to suggest but some people don’t switch off their computer anymore: Have you tried to restart your computer, ie. really switch it off and reboot?

I would also like to ask you whether you work on Windows or macOS.

I close down after every use.
Work on Windows.
Best, M.

  1. Quit Cubase
  2. Open an Explorer, type %appdata%/steinberg/Cubase 12_64
  3. Locate a file called mediabay3.db
  4. Move that file to your desktop.

Cubase will create a new “virgin” file mediabay3.db. Any special editing that you might have done in MediaBay might be gone but your presets should be back. You should open Cubase, open MediaBay and scan your appropriate folders for media files again.

If all is ok you can delete the mediabay3.db file on your desktop. You moved it there in case the problem lies elsewhere and you want to restore your database. In that case you would move the file back to the original folder.

Thanks for the suggestion, but explorer is no longer working only edge or other browsers.
If I put %appdata%/steinberg/Cubase 12_64 in those browser it gives me a google or bing search page
Is there another way to relocate mediabay3.db?

He meant windows explorer as where you work with files in windows, it´s also called explorer

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It all worked, thanks a lot

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