Presets on plugin window

Hi, I am using cubase 12 pro. When using an insert plugin, there is a possibility to save and load presets in the window where the plugin in loaded (marked in red in my picture). I have two questions:

  1. What is that kind of preset called? (I guess its not a track preset or a vst preset)?

  2. At the side of where the preset is shown, there is two arrows, one up and one down called “load previous program” and “load next program”, which I suppose one can change presets with. Is it possible to assign a keyboard shortcut tp these two arrows? Either that or assign some midi message to them? So I can change preset with buttons on my computer keyboard or with midi messages from a midi controller.


This is called Plug-in Preset. The Track Preset applies chain of plug-ins, Sends settings, Quick Controls, etc., the whole track settings.

Key Commands > Preset > Previous
Key Commands > Preset > Next

Thanks! I will try this later!