Presets Show Up in Halion Sonic, but Not Halion 6

As the subject line says-- using the Model C organ as an example: In Halion Sonic I can see all sorts of presets. In Halion 6 I’m just getting the “Init Model C.”

The same goes for some other sounds, but not all of them. I have been trying to figure this out for weeks; can anybody help?


I should add that I’ve got all of my VST sound sets on a separate drive, and they’re all registered and recognized by the library manager.

Halion 6 does not seem to see anything when I rescan the folder containing the sounds.

I’m having the same issue, Halion sonic shows all presets, but HALion 6 show none at all they’ve just disappeared, tried reinstalling a few times, I can see the content in programdata content folder and they show in the library manager as registered, can anyone throw any light on this issue.

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I guess it’s support ticket time. Nobody out there has any ideas?


Well, it’s bump time. Does nobody out there have an idea how to address this issue?

For the record-- the presets not showing up problem exists in both the plugin and standalone versions of Halion 6.


For what it’s worth (and it’s worth something to me!), Steinberg live chat helped me solve the problem, which was based in my own RTFM unfamiliarity with the Halion Media Bay. I had “filter layers” on, without knowing it; un-clicking it brought back all of my presets.

Hope this helps somebody else sometime,