Presonus and Control Room issues

I cannot “properly” use my control room… my interface (presonus firestudio tube) has 4 direct outs… im using a trs cable to connect to my Rolls Ra 62 headphone amp…several issues… 1. im ONLY getting one ear… 2. i cannot isolate the cue from the rest including the mix… ive even tried plugging my headphones directly into the presonus direct outs… same situation… only left speaker… and cannot isolate the cues and mix… everything is globally linked!

So control room definitely works correctly as I’m using it perfectly for a similar situation.
In control room are you expanding the output so you can see left and right and assigning the correct outputs to left and right individually?

@akleykid Let’s start with some semantics…

There really isn’t anything that can be called “direct out” on an audio interface.
Here are the I/Os of your interface

So you’re likely referring to the 4 balanced line outputs.

You need two trs cables. One for each channel (left/right).

Headphones only connect to a headphone output. It is ill-advised to connect headphones to a line level output.
Try the Headphones jack on your interface instead.