PreSonus Fader Port

I just got the single fader PreSonus fader port and setting it up in Cubase 9.5.10
The fader port driver is installed…
I open Cubase and go to “Studio” at the top of the application window - and click on “Studio Setup”
When I click on the “+” sign to add the PreSonus fader port it does not show up in that list…
am I making a mistake or missing a step???

My computer is a Windows 10 machine


Did you follow PreSonus installation guid? Can you see the component in the relevant folder?

Or maybe the problem is that you need to pick Mackie HUI from the list and then find the Faderport in and output in the dropdown menus?

Once you get it working, you’ll need to untick its MIDI port or else you’ll have a MIDI signal causing the meter to pulse every second or so.

Yes I followed the PreSonus installation guide. (Which in relationship to Cubase 9 is outdated.
The PreSonus guide instructs one to select “Devices” at the top of the window and then click on “Device Setup” and click on the “+ " sign and then choose PreSonus Fader Port” from the list that opens. But in Cubase 9 there is no longer a “Device” to choose in the window - you must select “Studio” and then click on “Studio Setup” - click on the “+” sign and choose from the list that opens.

The problem is the list that opens up does not contain the "PreSonus Fader Port item.

I also re installed Cubase 8.5 just so I could follow the PreSonus instructions exactly but no luck there.
I have attempted installing the Fader Port on two different computers and got the same results.

PreSonus recommends not using Mackie HUI because of limited functionality.

I have been in contact with PreSonus support and they have no answer.

OK - Problem Solved !!!
The PreSonus driver installer placed the “faderport_cubase.dll” into the “Components” folder of Cubase 9 and not Cubase 9.5
So I made a copy of that faderport_cubase.dll and put it in the “Components” folder of Cubase 9.5 and all is well.

FaderPort (the one with 1 fader) has its own component. Mackie HUI is 8 faders version. And the PreSonus FaderPort 8-Channel version is based on Mackie Control, not Mackie HUI.

Great! I would expect PreSonus copies it to all Cubase versions or to the shared folder. Good to know.

I’ve also learned that PreSonus provides a direct download of the .dll file so you can load it into whatever file is desired.
It’s located at the bottom of the page in this link.