presonus fader port!

So i bought myself a presonus fader port to speed up workflow…and have to say it looked pretty good and had some ok writeups.

it cost me 105 inc vat not bad price i thought…

Until it arrived!!! :frowning:

it looked an ok size when i whatched and read reveiws on the web…

in real life its pretty small sat on my desk for the whole hour and a half it was on my desk.
anyways being small not a bad thing i supose depending how you see it. pun/joke not intended.
i installed its latest driver from the presonus site hooked it up and had it working in cubase 6 64bit under five or 10 mins…all good!

all the buttons worked without messing around setting them up it played,stopped,looped,opend the mixer all of that kind of stuff and did its job well,i thought it was a good little investment.

i then went on to see what the fader control was like…in one word Bad!

sure it would move up and down and controled my channels fader in C6 but say i wanted to set the fader back to 0db i had a fight on my hands…it was either higher or lower and took ages to get it to 0.when i finaly got it their it flickerd up and down in cubase!!!.what would take me no more than 2 or 3 seconds with a mouse click and pressing 0 and hitting return…then after a few mins of messing around i clicked a channel and the fader stayed where it was,the power supply was conected and after double checking i noticed a buzzing noise from it aswell…faulty power supply.

straight back in the box and sent back the next day…gutted realy because if it had worked well it would of been a great little controller for my humble little setup…

im going to save up a bit more cash now and get a cc121 hopfully it will be more stable and do what i need it to…i just hope the fader control is better than the faderport?

has anybody had or got a faderport and experienced something similar with it?

or had the fader port and the cc121 and can compare them?

The cc121 allows you to tweak the touch sensitivity on the fader in 10 steps, so you shouldn’t get the flickering behaviour with it.

Could you recomend cc121 Strophoid is it worth the price?

i have never had a daw controler always just used the old keyboard.

I personally think it’s a great device. I haven’t got any other controllers either, but it doesn exactly what I want. It’s very sturdy, very reliable and it works great.
The acceleration on the EQ and Pan knobs is a bit odd and requires some practice (faster turning makes bigger changes). I use the extra rotary for enabling/disabling the metronome (click function) and metronome level (rotary function) which is great.

I would be concerned about my staircase if I threw it off, moreso than about the cc121 :wink:

Do mind I bought mine 2nd hand at half the newprice. Although it’s a great device, I don’t think I’d spend that much on a new one. That’s more because I don’t want to spend that much money on a controller that does nothing to my signal path than anything else. With that I mean I wouldn’t have bought it for €450 either if it had 300 motorised faders.
Well… Maybe I would then, but you get the point :wink: