Presonus Fader Port


Got a Presonus Faderport hooked up with Cubase Elements 6 - I’ve put the .dll from Presonus into the components folder of Elements 6 and added the conroller which has been recognised from within Cubase.

There is however a constant-ish flickering of the MIDI out within the transport panel which makes me think something needs de-activating in Cubase.

Thanks in advance…

Also - for the VSTi’s in the project when I pan them on Faderport its either L63 Centre or R63 with no margin for finer adjustment. Any info please?


Open Devices > Device Setup, in the Remote Device, find your Fader Port. If there is no one, click to the “+” button, and insert new Fader Port Remote Device. Then click on it, and on the right side, set MIDI Input, and MIDI Output. These will be named like “USB PreSonus Fader Port”, or something, like this.

I recommend to update Fader Port firmware from the PreSonus web page. If you are on Windows, you are lucky. If you are on Mac, you have to update the firmware from Mac OS X 10.5 (or lower), or you have to do this on different Windows-based computer.

Fader Port sucks! If you are using Cubase only, Steinberg CMC DAW controllers work much more better, in my opinion. And Fader Port is very noisy! Virtual faders of CMC has no noise – I love this!


I’ve bought a few MIDI controllers - One software is Studio One so Faderport can be used with this - Also it works with Cubase. The pan control of the faderport I am not keen on so much - It controls the VST instruments mixer channels well but on the MIDI tracks its not good for the pan which seems to want to be hard Left or hard right or dead centre with no in between for the pan control. Overall I bought the faderport due to its size and it can be used with Cubase and Studio One. I’ll have to see what else I can use it on but it will be used and is useful but yes it could be improved a little from what I’ve seen.

I haven’t tried any of the Cubase controllers yet but I’m sure I will.

Other controllers I have that will be used or tried out are:

Novation SL Zero Mk 2
Behringer BCF 2000 and BCR 2000

Over a little while I’ll work out which are the best controllers and how they can best be used for a number of softwares.

Presonus faderport could be worse though…

I’m not experienced enough yet with MIDI controllers to know whats really best but I do have some controllers that alot of people seem to enjoy using.

When I get a Cubase controller I’ll let you know how good it is… :slight_smile: