Presonus Faderport 1 + Cubase 11

Hello everyone, the problems seem to never end. I cannot get my Fadeport model 1 to work with Cubase 11. Windows 10 operating system


What is the problem? Is the device still supported on Windows 10? Is it 64-bit? Is the driver and the component still up to date?

The problem is that it is detected on midi in and midi out, but not in the list of devices with the specific name. It takes no command and is attached to electricity.


It looks like the Personus component is not compatible anymore.

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Its working fine here.


Are you also on Windows, please?

Windows 10 - Cubase 11.0.10

I downloaded the .dll file from the presonus site and put it in the Vst folder. I open Cubase and it can’t find the Fader Port. I do not understand


I don’t think the .dll file should be in the VST folder. I think, it was somewhere in the components. Please, read the Faderport manual.

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Martin is correct, it should be in the top level of the Components folder usually at C: > Program Files > Steinberg > Cubase (version) > Components


You only need right driver for Faderport 1, the native one and it works like charme with cubase. Avoid using Faderport 2 cause its OK only in S1

You’re right, now everything works! My mistake in taking the wrong path. Thanks a lot to everyone :slightly_smiling_face: