Presonus Faderport 16 with Cubase 12

Anyone using this on a regular basis? Considering purchasing one and wanted to hear some experience from those working with it on Cubase 11 or 12.

It works just fine. I bought it second-hand from a guy that didn’t want to use it because it didn’t display the full name of his channels. I can live with that. Also, there is some programming to be done if you want to make sense of all the buttons.

How to Setup the Presonus FADERPORT 16 with CUBASE - YouTube

Chris really have all the answers for you in 2 videos about this product.

I really enjoy working with it, I had the Mackie controller+extender for 14 years before it broke down. after some years working with other solutions, I am very happy I got a great deal on the Faderport 16.

works well with Cubase 12 on my Silicon Macs. I used to run it together with Steinberg CC121 but stopped using the CC121 because Steinberg hasn’t been able yet to update the CC121 drivers for native Silicon use, The Faderport 16 runs smoothly with Cubase 12 running Silicon natively… The scrible displays show some information that is not needed in my opinion, but the channel names are readable never the less. I would buy it again.

This is a very late reply but I just bought a FP16 for my Cubase 12 Windows 10 install. It is actually amazing. I was concerned about the channel width and scribble strip size and angle, but this box works great. No complaints.

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