Presonus Faderport 16

How good is the integration of the new Presonus Faderport 16 with Cubase 9.

I had in the past the faderport8 but I wasn’t happy with it, because of that several function on the Faderport didn’t work with Cubase.

Why is Steinberg not coming with a 16 port Daw controller, this should be very nice!!!

Thanks in advance

You can always get a Nuage fader :wink:

I`m also waiting for Faderport 16, because I like to touch faders while I´m mixing instead of using mouse.
Nuage would be perfect BUT it´s much too expensive for a project studio like mine.
Yamaha has this big position in the market and Nuendo and Cubase belong to the leading DAW and Audio Post production software.
There are clients who are waiting for a device like that, but it has to be affordable. ( max 1000 Euro)

My feature request to Yamaha or Steinberg:

A Nuage for project studios.

Requirements are:

16 Fader, extendable
Knobs for Pan EQ etc like original Nuage has
digital scribble strips for every channel or display screen like Nuage
Transport control
Jog/Shuttle wheel
MAX 1000 Euro
Deep integration of Cubase and Nuendo
plus Mackie Control protocol and HUI for other DAW
There is a market for a device like this
Why do Presonus offer Faderport 16 if there would not be that market ?

This topic comes up on Gearslutz every 10 months or so, and someone always makes the point you make above. But ask yourself this: What could Steinberg cut out of the Nuage controllers to get the price down to 1000 Euro?

Can’t be the faders, because you want 16 faders.
Can’t be extendability, because you want extendability.
Can’t be knobs, because you want knobs…
Can’t be scribble strips, because you want them…
Can’t be less integration with software
On top of that you want to merge the transport functions of one Nuage to the one with 16 faders

In other words: You want it all, you just don’t want to pay what Steinberg wants.

But do you know what the costs are?

There’s also a market for 10,000 Euro Ferraris.
The Presonus Faderport 8 and 16 aren’t like the Nuage. They’re different.

Having said all of that I agree that a dedicated cheaper controller would be welcome, but I just don’t see how Steinberg could release one without either cutting down on enough features that people would still complain, or without losing sales of Nuage units because the new controller is now better value and does essentially the same job just fine.

Dear MattiasNYC,
I understand your points. It is really a dilemma, and you describe it very well.
I would prefer Nuage fader unit but the price is much too high for my budget.
I say it´s 10x too much than what I could afford for it.
I got a Mackie Control Universal Pro and two Extenders. I loved it to mix with those devices. Only thing what I complain of are the display screens. If MCU would have those scribble strips which are state of technology these days, it would be a great console for an affordable price. I talked to Mackie and asks if there will be a new version with better display screens but it won`t. The guys are not interested and also not interested in third party help to modify MCU.
So I will wait for Faderport 16 comming next month on the market in Germany and hope it will be as great as MCU.
Nuage will continue to be a dream for my project studio as long as the price is as high as it is …