PreSonus FaderPort 2 (2018) midi remote script

Thank you for your kind comments, Osanan.
By the way, I’ve noticed that I often get the first ‘Like’ from you after an update.
In the meantime I had a look at your instagram pages and it looks beautiful.
Best regards from Hamburg to Buenos Aires… :sunglasses:

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Thanks again, Christian !

For anyone interested, here’s how I currently adjusted Line 94 of the script.
The result is that the touch button will only indicate clipping, but won’t
light up below 0 dB.

= [0.7072, 0.7072, 0.7072, 0.7072, 0.7072, 0.7072, 0.7072, 0.8404, 0.9989]

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Hi losanF, it is exactly like this:
“but won’t light up below or equal 0 dB”

The thresholds imply an exceedance.
In your case, the LED lights up red at > 0 dB
and is switched off at <= 0 dB.
By the way: Dedicated colors can also be skipped.
For example, if you want to adjust the setting of losanF so that the Touch LED
lights up yellow at > - 0.5 dB, but never orange, then the array must be defined as follows:

= [0.6676, 0.6676, 0.6676, 0.6676, 0.6676, 0.7072, 0.7072, 0.8404, 0.9989]

Hey Guys, I can’t seem to be able to switch between modes anymore (like master, pan, channel…). Anybody know what’s the cause of that? Used to work before.

Regards, Thomas

This happens randomly. Sometimes you can disable and reenable the script in the midi remote editor, other times you have to restart Cubase. Hope that will solve it for you.

what’s the cause of that?

I haven’t had any problems like this so far.

However, I have heard that there can be problems with MIDI Remote when you change projects.
There are probably still some few bugs in Cubase.

So if there are such problems, I would therefore recommend always quitting Cubase completely, including the hub, when changing projects.

Otherwise, the document fp-wizard_setup.pdf can help in case of problems.

I can confirm the error. Sometimes, when I close and open projects without exiting cubase, some functionality of the faderport does not work. It seems the script is not loaded and only standard functions work, mute, solo, record arm, read and write automation, link, transport, next, prev and fader.
Seems to be a cubase issue.

Maybe another option would be to assign a key-command to the ‘reload script’ function and to execute it after a project change. Note: While this, the MIDI Remote tab has to be open.

In my experience it isn’t enough to just reload the script, I have to manually disable it first. And lately it has happened more frequently that I need to restart Cubase.

This is a good hint, because then it is not possible that the script itself is the reason.

And I also don’t see that the script could ‘crash’ due to memory, as I have defined all internal data structures statically so far, which means that the script always reserves the maximum amount of memory it needs and that is very little in relation to what Cubase needs in total.

another idea…
You could try configuring your other MIDI equipment (keyboard, drum pad, etc.) to MIDI channels from channel 5 or higher to ensure that the FaderPort does not conflict with the other devices. Normally such conflicts are handled automatically by Cubase, but perhaps this does not always work reliably (?). I found out that you can crash the FaderPort if you send to it an invalid 8bit value instead of a 7bit value as RGB color. This means that if such a value reaches the FaderPort for some (unknown) reason, there should be a problem.

Great idea. I will try that and report back

new update available - May 21, 2024

Hello friends,

corrections had to be made to the new ‘global Undo’ and ‘global Redo’ functions.
They are included here in the patch (version 21.05.2024) in this zip-file: (79.4 KB)

Best regards

CKB (Christian) :innocent:


Thank you so much for your hard work and commitment to this cause, Christian!

P.S: thank you for your comment! I’m always paying attention to your posts, so I can test the script and also learn from the news.

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new update available - May 29, 2024

Hello friends,

the following error has been corrected with this update:
In the QC Mode, QC7 could not be selected in some cases due to the last changes of the internal handling of the Section Button.

Here is the patch (version 29.05.2024) for it in this zip-file: (79.4 KB)

Best regards

CKB (Christian) :innocent:


Thanks for the update.

I have an issue where the script leaves the transport and a dozen other buttons un-assigned in midi remote mapping.

The effect (even tho they are still working somehow) is that there is midi pass thru, so each time I use those buttons they send a midi note that triggers my midi instrument.

What am I missing? The script continues to work even though they show un-assigned. But I dont want midi thru to be on like this.

I have double checked it is in Studio One Mode, that the most recent .js script is in the correct named folder, entry is correct name for the FP in SB studio, refreshed scripts, deleted and re-installed.

Win11, Nuendo 13.0.30, FP2 latest firmware

PS: I havent used the import .midiremote script method because I am only seeing the .js file being updated here and maintained. The links on the wem website seem outdated. So I place the .js file in the instructed folder and refresh. Is there a most recent .midiremote file that will solve my midi thru issue? This problem has persisted through several recent iterations of the script. I rememebr about a year ago when I was using N12 this didnt happen.

Hi kenobi1,
in the full version of fp-wizard you’ll find the file fp-wizard_setup.pdf and within there is a solution for your problem.

This is the post with the full version:

Best regards

Hello, big thanks for your work Christian! I have used previous versions of the script and was very happy with them, but it’s been a while since I don’t use my faderport because I had to relocate my studio, and in this period of time Cubase 13 came out, but I’m still on Cubase 12. So my question is: does it make a difference using the script with Cubase 12?


Hi Braulio,

in Cubase 12 it is not yet recognized when the fader is touched, so the fader automation in Cubase 12 works a little differently, but the fader movement is still recorded.

I haven’t tested the newer versions of the script with Cubase 12, but I don’t think that there are any problems.

Be sure, that Cubase 12.0.70 is installed.

Best regards

Muchas gracias por tu tiempo y paciencia, eres un crack!! :vulcan_salute: :alien:

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