Presonus Faderport Control Room midi control-quick controls

How to assign button of Your midi controller to change MCompare’s AB / Magic AB,
placed on the first insert slot of the Control Room

  1. insert MCompare / Magic AB ( control room )
  2. Create any audio or instrument track
  3. Click Quick Control insert slot pressing CTRL
  4. Find MCompare / Magic AB on the insert list of VST Control Room submenu

Go to Devices:

  • add Generic Remote and “Learn Your” midi controller’s button
  • then go to the second window ( You know )
    second column / Device > Mixer > name of Your track > QuickControls /QuickControl1

Of course You have to set the Flags:

Upper window : R,T
Lower :,T,

Midi Controller’s Poly pressure buttons need to be set to “1” MaxValue (Generic Device upper window)

Thats all. This way I can control any plugin inserted in the Control Room

Of course You can assign any other on/off function of any plugin :slight_smile: