Presonus Faderport for Quick Controls. Does it work?

Has anyone got a Presonus Faderport and uses it for the Quick Controls?

I would love a motorised fader that I can quickly set to any parameter via the quick controls.


I’m afraid, this won’t work.

If I’m right, Faderport sends/receive PitchBend MIDI message for the fader move (as a Mackie Control Protocol does, Fader port “hacks” this protocol). But, in the QuickControls, you cannot set PitchBend as a received/sent MIDI message.

Thanks for the info!

That’s too bad. Would have been nice.
Do you know if the frontier design alpha track does the same thing?

I’m afraid so.

I personally use Steinberg CC121 but whenever I need to utilize its high precision fader for Quick Controls, I use the following workaround which will work for Faderport as well:

You will need a MIDI loopback (e.g. LoopBe1) and a MIDI processor (e.g. Plogue Bidule) capable of converting pitchbend messages into CC data - or even better - into RPN/NRPN messages. The second option gives you 14bit precision so, potentially, you can have 16384 controller positions instead of just 128 (as in ordinary 7bit MIDI CCs). In reality, however, it also depends on the particular hardware: for instance, even Steinberg CC121’s fader internally sends pitchbend data but it transmits just 1024 steps. I guess the Faderport works in a similar fashion.

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Also try Bome’s MIDI Translator.

I’m looking for a simple way get this working.

Can the Steinberg CMC FD be set to control the quick controls with the faders?


If I’m right, you can setup it as a generic MIDI Device (or…?). In this case yes, you can use it.