Presonus FaderPort should control the ControlRoomMaster Vol


I just bought a PRESONUS FaderPort - SUPER DEAL - I’m pretty excited.
And the poor mouse does not have quite as much work.

Only one thing I would have like to:

I like to use the CONTROL ROOM and let the master fader in the mixer at 0 dB.
(I’m using CUBASE Pro8)
In the CONTROL ROOM , I can then control my total volume.

And I would like to control it with the FaderPort (eg with the USER Botton).
(I know basically how to program the USER-Botton (from the Devices menu).)

Maybe you have to assign a Quick Control or to set up a MACRO … ???

Can someone help me there?


There is a video that djkey made for me on the subject:
(Here, however, the Arturia Beat Step is used as a controller)

Fully I have not managed it, but I have found a another solution.
Maybe it will help someone further!
THANKS - djkey again !!!