Presonus Quantum 2 and Cubase Software Monitoring

Is anyone using Cubase with the Presonus Quantum or Quantum 2 audio interface? Does it work well? Is monitoring without “Direct Monitoring” in Cubase feasible with this interface? Thank you.

I don’t have the Q but, Cubase works well for me without direct monitoring activated. The UC interface which is used for the Q is the same for the Studio 192. I have the UC set to “Mixer B’passed”. I would think the Q would work even better.

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The Studio 192 looks really nice. It’s USB-C so doesn’t require the adapter just the cord. That starts adding up and getting expensive with the Q2. What sort of latency are you seeing? Is it noticeable when you monitor?

The Cubase VST audio system menu shows typical input latency as 18.005 ms. The typical output latency is 9.728 ms. Nothing is noticeable when monitoring on any audio or instrument track during recording. If you need something else let me know.

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