Presonus Studio One

hi all. i’m a long term cubase guy. i’m also an extensive melodyne user. i have a couple of posts in the forums requesting ARA for cubase, to allow better integration. seriously thinking now that if cubase 7 doesn’t have it, there won’t be any reason for me to buy… a better loopmash won’t do the trick (no, i don’t know what will be in the update!). so i was at a demo of presonus studio one recently and they gave us a free copy of the artist version. ARA is amazing for a melodyne user. speeds up the whole editing process. i bought the full professional version of studio one and did my first paying session with it this week. you get to install it on 5 machines for around £250, compared to cubase on 1 machine at around £500…my plan is to continue to use cubase for multi-musician or midi heavy jobs, and studio one for single singer type jobs with backing tracks or simple accompaniment. studio one is basic compared to cubase, but for vocal work if you use melodyne, it’s at the top! so come on steinberg, do the right thing. get ARA and keep me here! p.s. i own a few daws; reaper, sonar, protools le etc, so i think my comments show i’m not religious about using one thing or another.