Press Play and Nothing Happens

Sometimes after loading a project Cubase Pro 10 doesn’t play when you press play when you’re working on many songs closing and loading one after another. This is a waste of my valuable time Steinberg… Please release software that works properly…


Is the cursor moving and you just don’t hear a sound? Or is the cursor in Stop? Can you see any movement at Transport Panel? Is the project active?

Hi Martin, basically this issue happened when I was working on many projects opening and closing them.
I came across some projects that had to be reloaded to play…

Seemed like they were frozen / stuck nothing was happening…


are you sure any project was activated at the time? Was it the most top project on the screen?

This issue happened about 3 times out of opening and closing about 100 projects / sessions. The most recent time was when I opened 1 project.

Thanks for your help Martin I’ll keep an eye :eye: out for this issue and maybe grab a screenshot to post in the future…

Thank you

Hi Martin,

Here’s a screen recording of this issue: