Pressing Return in Project Info creates new Flow!

If I press Return in any field of the Project Info, I get a new Flow created!

Presumably a known bug?

It might as well be a feature, but I don’t like it either.

Interesting. I can reproduce this, although it doesn’t necessarily have to do with pressing Return in a Project Info field. It happens even if a field isn’t selected. What’s also interesting is that not pressing Apply but pressing Esc dismisses the window but leaves the newly created flows. Actually, they’re only flow names. The flows themselves don’t actually get created. If, with these newly created flow names, one closes the file, one isn’t asked if one wants to save any changes. Reopening the file shows that it has reverted to its previous state without the new flow names. This is indeed rather strange behaviour.

So it’s not a novel way to quickly create new flows, after all. I didn’t even check if it was. I think we may call it a small bug then.

The problem is that when you hit Return, the button that has the focus is the + button in the action bar at the bottom of the Flows list, so that’s what gets activated. As it happens we have already changed the way this works in our development builds, so that you can advance the focus from one single-line field to the next one by hitting Return. This change will appear in a future update.