Pretty big learning curve

I’m not sure what to think of WL10 yet. I used version 8 for a long time and went to 9.5, but rarely used it. I thought WL10 would be a bit of a change, but it’s like starting over again. Been scratching my head trying to figure out how to burn an audio CD, which I did probably 1000 times in WL8 and 8.5. This really going to take some getting used to.

What benefits are you seeing in WL10, so I can wrap my head around the changes and embrace it?

If you were only using WaveLab to burn CDs, surely there are more simple apps for that than WaveLab :slight_smile:

I think WL10 got rid of the “Basic Audio CD” but it’s not too hard to make a simple montage, add track markers, and burn a CD from the montage.

For me, the benefits are summed up in this article except in WaveLab 10, you can now very easily record from one montage track, out to analog gear, or and record back into a new track so really, the entire mastering process is more easily done in just one app:

In WL10, you can also send audio from the montage, to an external editor of your choice (RX, SpectraLayers, etc.) very easily, and there are a handful of other great new features.

The learning curve isn’t easy, but there is also really no other app like WaveLab so for some people and some workflows, it’s essential.

I think once you get into it, you may find the new version is even more intuitive than Wavelab 7 & 8. It took me a little while to adapt to the new GUI, but after some time, I found I very much prefer Wavelab 9/10.

To easily burn a CD:

  1. Drag your audio files onto a track in the montage
  2. Go to CD tab and click “CD Wizard”.
  3. Run CD Wizard with whatever default settings are there (it will insert markers and some default track spacing.
  4. Burn CD.

Thank you all for the tips. I’m sure once I dive into it for a while it will all make sense. It’s just a bit different from what I’m used to in Wavelab.