Pretty disappointed user here...

I know I’ll be lucky to see this post appear on the forum, as my last attempt was rejected without explanation. Not sure why Steinberg or whoever moderates this forum wants to filter out legitimate posts regarding problems with Cubase - especially from someone who has used the software since the beginning - for 25 years no less. It really is of no benefit to a company to reject legitimate functional issues when they could be used to troubleshoot and make the software work better. So here goes…we’ll see if this gets approved. If not, I may have to switch to another DAW/company that actually cares about its users.

My issue, which I submitted as a “bug”, since it has not been an issue since version 1.0 is as follows:

To be fair, this is a re-post of a previous issue, but since there was no response for over 6 months from either Steinberg or any users, I’m giving it another shot.

I have yet to find an answer to a Cubase Pro 8.5 (Mac) bug that has not been an issue in any previous version I have owned. Perhaps there is a new procedure for this, but so far I have found no documentation or tutorials to accomplish the following:

While I know there are features such as “Audiowarp” etc. that might be a workaround, I have become accustomed to making small adjustments to audio event timing (i.e. a recorded audio part where an articulation is slightly off the beat, but the REST of the bar is on the beat). This often happens at the beginning of a waveform, where it occurs just before or just after the first bar, and the rest of the articulations stay on the beat. I know about setting the event-snap point, etc., but I prefer to use what has been for me a simpler method. What I find easiest to do is to find an appropriate place in the part where I can CUT a small snippet of audio, then PASTE it before or after the articulation; which has the net effect of nudging the off-beat audio back onto the beat and leaving the rest of the audio after the CUT-point intact. This process has served me well for many years, however, when I open an audio part and try to do this, I can CUT every time, but when I go to PASTE that snippet somewhere else in the part, the PASTE command fails and is greyed-out in the menu. This makes no sense to me. Why can I cut and not paste - especially while still in the audio edit window? Any takers?

There’s no conspiracy here. You posted to the wrong forum, and you were asked to post to the right one, which you have done.

I just tried what I understood you to describe: (see gif)

In the Sample Editor

  1. cut a short segment
  2. paste it elsewhere

It worked as expected, so I presume there’s something else going on. Maybe you can give a step by step guide to reproduce the exact result you got. You can edit your subject if you want, something relating to your question might get more views.

So when it works for you and not for me on a current 2015 4K iMac with up-to-date Mac OS El Capitan 10.11 and up-to-date Cubase 8.5 - and it repeatedly fails, that is NOT a bug? Shouldn’t bug-free software work on all listed-as-compatible systems? Or is it supposed to only work on some Macs and not others - since you indicated it does not belong on a bug-report?

Step 1: record audio.

Step 2: open audio part for editing.

Step 3: select a small range of waveform.

Step 4: select “cut”.

Step 5: position cursor at another point in the waveform.

Step 6: select “paste”.

No paste occurs, “Paste” is greyed out in menu.

Rinse, repeat with multiple song files - same result.

On the other hand, he could just decide not to bother trying to help you solve your problem.


I can’t reproduce it on Windows.

As I said, I followed the OP’s description and tried to reproduce, and I couldn’t.

I doubt very much that it’s a bug- if copy/paste didn’t work in the Sample Editor for either Mac or Windows users there would be many, many posts about it.

What is likely is that you need to troubleshoot, for example, try a Cubase Safe Start

My other suggestion, which I made previously, would be that you to edit the topic of this thread to include the issue you are experiencing with Cubase, this way people browsing the forum would see the issue, rather than simply your reaction to it. :smiley:

I really think you should just change your work flow.

Not as a work around, but because audio warp is set up for exactly the purpose of putting elements in time and by putting warp markers either side of the audio you are working on you can ensure the rest of the audio will remain unaffected.

Cut and Paste in the Audio Editor works here on Mac.

Please notice that, in Steve’s gif animation, in “Step 5”, he is not repositioning the Cursor, but a new Start Range :wink:.
I have to admit that it would seem more logical to Paste at the Cursor position, but the Range tool (which is what is being used here in the Waveform Editor) has always behaved this way (in the Project window, or the Part Editor, you’d have to switch back to the Select (Arrow) tool, to Paste at the Cursor position… except that the Waveform Editor doesn’t have an Arrow tool :wink:.
An alternative method for this kind of copy/pasting would be to remain in the Project window (or an audio Part editor window), physically cut (with the scissors tool) the start and end of the desired range, then Copy/Paste as normal (i.e. without resorting to the Range tool).
A further advantage to that method, for the purposes of what you are wanting to do here, is that, once pasted, the Select tool can be changed to “Sizing applies Time Stretch”, then simply drag the start or end boundary of the pasted clip, as desired.

Thanks, Vic. Will try that. Seems odd that I would have to switch tools between a “cut” and a “paste”, but I’ll give it a shot.

As per Steve’s suggestion of my changing my “subject” heading - I tried that and got zero responses for over 6 months. Seems this subject heading has received a lot more attention!

Vic, good catch.

Vic - I looked at your solution, however, I am going to continue this discussion with Steinberg tech support, as it is a more convoluted process with more steps. I work in TV and Film music and deadlines mean I need to work fast. Even adding a few extra steps can add up. Software should be intuitive, and if an editor window allows you to use a tool to cut, you should be able to use the same tool to paste. Hopefully they will either add the selector-arrow to the waveform editor window or better yet, just allow the range tool to serve as a cursor to paste a segment.

Here’s a way to do what you want without adding any moves to your workflow.

Same as your repro:
Step 3: select a small range of waveform.
Step 4: select “cut”.
Step 5: position cursor at another point in the waveform.

Then, Step 6: hit “Right Selection Side to Cursor” then “Left Selection Side to Cursor”
Then Last step: hit “paste”

If you make a macro and assign it to a keystroke, it comes to the same number of moves.

Right Selection Side to Cursor
Left Selection Side to Cursor

Will try that. But again, a workaround should be replaced by a feature.

What I see is that there’s two different kinds of editing here. In the example by Steve, the animated GIF, we’re taking part of a track and inserting a copy of part of the track back into the orginal. Per Vic’s suggestion you can cut, paste and re-position quickly as well as time stretching automagically if needed.

What also isn’t mentioned here is the use of Regions for assembling tracks. I won’t go into that here, but assembling regions might be useful for the OP’s tasks.

Personally, I like how the range editing tool works and find the range selection tool a very clear method for selecting precise sections, however, it is a bit, perhaps, counter-intuitive but maybe not. Cubase is deep and so learning curves are, for me, certainly part of what I sometimes run in to. The plus side is that the better I get at using the program the more I find it is able to do.

Thanks to Steve and Vic, good luck to the OP. :slight_smile: