Pretty simple question about GA packs

So, I have Cubase 11 Pro and in the download manager, there are tons of extras to download, Halion Sonic SE, various other vst’s etc etc including Groove Agent 5 SE i think it’s 5 SE,

my understanding is I can’t have Groove Agent 5 or Halion 6 or Halion Sonic 3 or The Grand 3
even though they are there as a downloadable option.

I tried.

So I guess my simple question is, why in the ■■■■ would Steinberg allow me to even download these options if I don’t have the license?

How am I meant to know what I can and can’t have, how am I meant to know the difference between Halion Sonic 3 SE and Halion Sonic 3 and Halion 6, how on gods earth am I meant to know what is free, what comes with my license and what is not.

I downloaded everything and wait all that time just to find out I can’t even use 80% of it lol

So I figured out after wasting more time that I can have the SE versions, so I got rid of the Cubase startup warning for those, however I am now stuck with this warning lol, like, why do some of these even need a license, some are like 30mb or am I doing something wrong?

Those are expansion packs that you can buy. All the stuff there in your screen shot has a separate license that you have to pay for. You can see them here on the website under Expansions:

There’s also VST loopsets:

This looks to be a complete list:

If you buy a license for each you won’t get this on start up. Halion SE and Groove Agent SE do come with some free stuff when you install them.

I’m just a user and didn’t build the software and I find out everything by Googling. From what I know they do seem to put everything in the download manager. You have to know whether you have a license to use it or not. There isn’t much in there that is free to use. They do give you Halion Sonic SE and Groove Agent SE.

A few free ones I know of are:

^^^^ with these you still need to request a license key which they send you via email when you click on the ‘Download for Free’ links.

There is another one called Engine Roar which is sampled engine noises.

Here is a vid that shows of the free libraries for Halion SE:

If you want to uninstall the ones you don’t have licenses for you can do it from the Steinberg Library Manager by clicking the ‘Remove’ button:

Pretty epic response, thank you sir, you deserve a medal.

I sort of figured it out but just stupid how I have to do 30 minutes research to figure it all out when they should just not allow me to download it if I don’t have a license and only have the free stuff there.


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just select your product that you own…
then all included content is listet…

I guess the idea is to provide a solution to manage products and add on packages available… so I think in future updates of the Download Manager there will be more and more improvements available to the “My products” section