Prev and Next Marker controls not remembered in MIDI Remote for A800-Pro

I’ve set my Roland A800-Pro up in MIDI Remote. Went well, nice and easy, but I’m having an issue when I set up my transport controls where MIDI Remote isn’t remembering my Previous Marker and Next Marker buttons. I’ve done this three times now and each time, everything else is retained, but Prev and Next Marker command are not present. I hit apply mapping and it took and functioned properly initially. But when I close Cubase 12 Pro and reopen those two commands are gone (Windows 10 Pro 1909). Anyone else getting something like this? Any ideas on something I could be doing wrong or suggested fixes?

Hi @SF_Green, the mapping will be saved in the moment when closing the Mapping Assistant window. Please open the folder “User Name”/Document/Steinberg/Cubase/MIDI Remote/User Settings. There should be a “…globalmappings.json” file for your device. Then open the Mapping Assistant (MA), make changes to your mapping, close the MA. The “…globalmappings.json” file should have am updated modification-date and a different file size now. Can you confirm? Thanks!

I actually have the exact same setup (Roland A-800 Pro and order of the transport buttons) and it took me quite a while to figure it out… :sweat_smile:

The Go To Previous/Next Marker Transport Mappings default to Project Scope. (And as a tip, turn toggle mode off and set minimum value to 1% since the A-800 Pro will also send a value 0 MIDI CC message and therefore otherwise trigger the action twice).

Thanks for the responses guys : I appreciate them. Sorry I never got back until now. I got quite ill with flu right after this and just as I got better I needed to travel to my Dad’s so I wasn’t around to do anything with this. Anyway, I’m glad to report that as of Cubase 12.0.20 I no longer have this issue and the mappings persist.