Prevent chord diagram from showing at beginning

Is there a way to prevent an individual chord diagram from showing in the list of chords at the beginning of a score? If not, I would love to have that quality added in the Properties. Thank you.

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The only way I can think of is to draw a text frame, set its background color to white and then position it over the diagram which you don’t want to show.
This is not a totally satisfactory solution as it will display a gap. If there are only a few diagrams and the “unwanted” one is at the the start or the end of the row, it might not look so obvious that one has been hidden.

There’s no good way to do this right now, but it’s something we should add. It’s on our backlog for future updates.

Thanks, Daniel.

@StevenJones01 That is one solution. I see how I can do it a little more gracefully: I actually have 4 chords in a score that I would like to omit from the first row of chords. I can use hidden chords to move those 4 chords to the end of the sequence, and then set the chord row to the total number of chords minus 4, so that those four drop down into their own row. I can then use the white text frame to block that row, thus avoiding and awkward gap or spacing. Thanks for the idea.