Prevent Cubase from stopping the recording

This thing nags me for years, but i hear the rumor, that i can prevent it somehow. It maybe sounds like a stupid question, but:

When i record an audio file and klick somewhere else, like the clipindicator in the mixer, the recording stops, but the playback keeps on. How do i prevent cubase from doing this. In sequoia for example, i can click where ever i want and the recording keeps on. I really want cubase to react similar! But i don’t know how…

Cheers, Tomess

Hi Tom

Somewhere in preferences there is a preference for ‘place cursor if clicking in open space’ I’ve got that wrong i think but the preference is there, unclick that and I think that’ll sort it

Best Regards


Yes happend to me, clicking on the overload indicator stopped a 24 channel recording session of a live gig. I nowadays keep my distance to at least 2 meters from the DAW when recording :unamused:


:cry: :imp: :smiling_imp: :imp: :cry:

It does prevent Cubase from switching the Tracks while recording, but if you click somewhere in the mixer, the recoring stops…this is unbeleaveable…i really hope steinberg sort this out.