Prevent Groove Agent from loading when project loads?

I’m using a trial version of Groove Agent 5 in a Dorico project.
Each time I open the project there’s a delay while the Groove Agent window opens.

Is there a way to prevent the Groove Agent window from loading whenever my project loads… perhaps it could load in the background or maybe it could open only on demand.

I think that is only with New projects. If you open an existing project where you closed the GA window or any other VST window Dorico will remember it. That is my experience.

There’s an option on the VST Plug-ins page of Preferences for whether or not plug-in windows should be opened by default. I, for one, always have this switched off.

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Thank you Daniel and Maarten.

Though I had ‘Open VST plug-in windows when opening projects’ turned off, I closed the Groove Agent window and resaved the project. Now GA doesn’t open when loading the project. (I suppose resaving might not have been necessary.)

Resaving would indeed have been necessary, because only when you save the project does the audio engine data (including information about which plug-in windows are visible) get updated in the project.