Prevent newly added instruments/fx/whatever from showing up in the mixconsole

I’m all over this forum like a rash today, sorry. Doing some overdue studio focus work…

I have a nice setup in the mixconsole window. I (by default) have just my groups shown (think winds, strings, brass, percussion, synths etc). This allows my master hardware controller (Panorama P1) to map nicely to these groups and I have very instant tactile control over all my groups.

I then have various other setups, which I switch between as necessary.

However, whenever I add a new vst instrument to my project, it by default gets added to the mix console, and I often find myself fiddling with the wrong controller as a result. Any way I can prevent this from happening? Couldn’t see much in the manual.




Any new track creates also a channel in the MixConsole. And always a new created channel becomes visible in all MixConsole configurations. You cannot set Cubase so, that the new Channel will be invisible.

I haven’t try this, but maybe this kind of Macro could work:

  • Add an Instrument track
  • Open MixConsole
  • Hide Selected Channels
  • Close MixConsole