Prevent repeated accidentals across piano staves?

Please see the attached project.Chord accidentals issue.dorico (388.9 KB)

There are B Naturals that continue into bar 2 from bar 1 in the Right Hand.
In the left hand we have Bb introduced in bar 2.

  • Dorico introduces in bar 2 a Natural accidental for B in the Right Hand - I don’t really want this. I want the right hand to continue into bar 2 just as it did in bar 1.
  • In the Left hand I only really want the Bb accidental once (in each new subsequent bar). Dorico adds it for every repetition of the same note.

I’ve tried playing around with all the Notation Options for accidentals but I can’t get what I want.

They have to be manually hidden because they are exactly simultaneous in the same instrument. Here’s what I would do:

  • Select the second B♭ and B♮ in the bar (the first ones you want to hide)
  • In Properties > Notes and Rests there is an Accidental button; click that and the little menu to its right will say “Hide”
  • Now select that entire chord in both hands and hit R to duplicate, 5 times
  • Make the LH chord on beat 4 a dotted eighth again

Understandable that you don’t want the repeated accidentals. I suppose this is enough of an edge-case that they might think it too rare to merit a new preference setting.

An alternative to @Mark_Johnson 's approach would be to use filter by pitch to select the notes and then set the accidental property to hide. (So no need to do the R duplicate step or re-time the LH chord)

Both ways work.

This particular case is pretty quick because there are no further accidentals in the bar that need to show. (Obviously this isn’t always the case.) I would just select the rest of the bar and hit the whatever shortcut you have set up for Toggle Accidental visibility twice.


Quite right. I’ve become accustomed to using the filters because I usually have other accidentals in play.

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Notation options > accidentals.

There’s not really a setting for immediate repetitions of cross-relations is there? I’d love it if there was one and I’ve just been missing it!

Yes, of course it’s quicker to just select all the notes, but I avoid changing attributes unnecessarily, especially invisibly. If I were to copy one of those E’s somewhere else I might have to waste time figuring out why it wasn’t showing an expected courtesy accidental.

Sure, that’s reasonable. I often use this trick on repeated chords containing cross-relations, but for me it’s usually just a chord or two, not a whole bar. A Notation Options setting to just avoid this sort of thing with immediate repetitions would be a welcome feature!

That’s really useful advice. Thank you so much @FredGUnn @Mark_Johnson @Janus

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