Prevent showing "a 2" every measure when condensing?

Is there an option/possibilty to prevent Dorico for showing “a 2” every measure? For example, to tell Dorico that this is one phrase? I know I can manually hide the label and I’ve payed around a little with the custom condensing settings. And of course I can use the option “Prevent single-stem unison” in the Notation Options, but I don’t like the look of this option.
So, any suggestions? Thx.
Greetz, Steven

Strictly speaking, the a2 is necessary because of the single stemmed unisons. If you allow multiple stems I’d guess those labels will disappear.

Indeed, strictly speaking the a2 is necessary. But I guess that most conductors can figure out that if I put it once, or at the start of every new system, the rest of the single stemmed notes will also be played with two players. It seems a little excessive to me to notate the a2 every(!) bar. Also, it clutters up the score a little. And to be picky: I tried to use the multiple stem option (“Prevent single-stem unison” works), but I don’t like the looks of that.

There’s no option for this, no, and I’m not sure exactly what form an option for this would take, since if that pattern were not so regular, you would definitely need the label to be shown.

Hmm, I was afraid there wouldn’t be an option for this. I thought maybe there’s an option somewhere (in the future?) to tell Dorico that this whole line is one phrase. But for now, I will hide the labels manually. Thx for your reaction, Daniel!