Preventing Dorico from spacing for trills unnecessarily

How do I get this:
spacing without trills
instead of this:
spacing with trills

Lengthen the trill to the third note in each beam and hide its wiggly line if necessary?

Thanks, Lille, but in certain contexts that adds an accidental to one of the main notes and also an auxiliary accidental to the trill, all of which have to be hidden, in addition to the extension. In a movement which consists almost entirely of passages like the above, that’s an awful lot of extra drudgery. Here’s an example of what I mean:

Does anyone have a suggestion for solving this problem, other than respacing every instance manually? I can’t help thinking that there must be a setting somewhere that I’ve missed. I was hoping that there’d at least be the possibility to exclude the trill marking from spacing in the Properties panel, but apparently not.

Perhaps a custom PT that is just a text item with the ‘tr’ symbol as the “text”?

Yes, I was considering something like that, or even a text object. I guess I don’t need it to play back correctly. Thanks!