Preventing system collisions

I just finished my full score, which looks good, and now that I’m proofreading parts, I’m seeing a LOT of this kind of thing, where crescendos and first endings and rehearsal marks aren’t properly being “noticed” by the spacing rules, and are thus colliding.

This passage is a perfect example. The first ending that belongs to m35 is drawn way too high because of the rehearsal mark, and thus it’s above the crescendo in m29-30, and is actually even inside the system beginning with m30.

Also note m30 where the rehearsal letter E collides with a dynamic underneath it.

My first preference is to learn how to tweak the engraving rules to avoid these collisions. My second preference would be to simply learn how to move one system out of the way of another system in Engrave mode.

How do you Dorico experts fix this?

I suspect this page is overfull, vertically.

What would the solution be? (I don’t mind defaulting to more space between systems, i.e. occupying more pages as necessary.) I haven’t touched any Dorico defaults when it comes to this stuff.

You haven’t used “Make into Frame” to force that page? Make sure to delete all frame and system breaks.

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No, I’ve never used Make Into Frame. What you see is a product of the defaults.

Somewhere along the line you have constrained Dorico. Without seeing the file it’s virtually impossible to diagnose further.

I can’t post this particular file here, but are there any easy ways to “reset to defaults”?

I’m not aware of ANY “constraints” I’ve put upon Dorico. I have done ZERO in Engrave mode. I don’t remember changing any defaults in Layout Options.

Simplest is probably to look at the Library Manager for general settings. By default Dorico does not create the collisions you experience, so I can only conclude you have made some changes!

Thank you. I had never known about the Library Manager before. After studying it and reconciling the differences, it turned out to be a couple of settings related to page size, which I don’t remember changing myself.

After comparing all the items that differed from the defaults, and resetting a few of them, my collisions are gone. Really strange, since I didn’t reset any parameters that should have allowed any collisions (e.g. page size shouldn’t have made a difference). In any case, my score is now collision-free so I’m good to go. Thank you!