Preview and loading time.

I come from Sibelius ( windows) and as teacher I have a lot of sheet music of education that I have writen, with sometimes a very similar name like “rythmic A” “rythmic B” etc… so I don’t remember before to open it which is the right one.
In sibelius we have the “quick Start” to preview.

Dorico takes at the minimum of 25 seconds to open a a small score ( with .dorico extension) so if it’s not the good files, I must do file/Open… and takes still 10sec to see the explorer.etc…so very long

So just want to know: is there some amelioration planned for this?
Best regards

We will certainly look into improving the speed of opening projects in due course. It’s not simple to do, but it’s on our list.

I think rather than “Quick Start” what Dup meant was “Quick Look” for previewing file content in The Finder.
I know this is on the list as well.

yes! great to know that ir’s on the list