PREVIEW automation BROKEN. Can't enable while in PLAY

Just started a film mix for the first time in the latest V7 but running into a major problem with PREVIEW mode.

PREVIEW is locking out as soon as we go into play. It disables the button on the AUTOMATION PANEL as soon as transport starts rolling, and we also can’t get it to enable via key commands. AUTOJOIN and JOIN NOW also turn off as soon as in play. Everything works fine once we stop.

This unfortunately renders N7 largely unusable because we constantly use PREVIEW, turning it on often while rolling. This was never a problem before, and certainly isn’t a problem on PT, Euphonix System 5, DFC, other systems. All allow you to engage PREVIEW at any time, playing or stopped.

Oddly, if we select TOUCH mode instead of AUTOLATCH it returns to working properly, letting us turn on PREVIEW while rolling. Even odder, sometimes it will work properly in AUTOLATCH depending on where on the timeline we playback. Locating around the project, there are some spots that when we start play don’t cause PREVIEW to disable. Not clear why this is, but about 98% of the time PREVIEW will not turn on if in AUTOLATCH and PLAY.

Preview Autojoin Join Now all work as expected here and are engagable in play (N7.30).
Do you use a hardware controller?

Have just checked to see if there is any difference between 6.5 and 7 and I can’t see any. As soon as you start writing a parameter while in auto-latch mode (or touch for that matter) then preview is temporarily disabled. You can toggle automation write on/off while still playing to drop out of automation write and allow you to choose to preview again.

It works fine for me.

Thanks, I can confirm that indeed now 6.5 seems to exhibit similar behavior to 7 which is interesting since it definitely wasn’t doing so before our upgrade to 7. We use PREVIEW constantly and this is a major problem for us, so we would of noticed if it was happening with any frequency before.

The behavior is definitely inconsistent, not clear at all what’s triggering it:

Sometimes PREVIEW can be turned on while playing, sometimes it’s disabled (along with autojoin).

Confirmed it can happen in both TOUCH and AUTOLATCH. But for whatever reason going from AUTOLATCH to TOUCH usually is more often allowing it to work properly for us.

Playing from the exact same point in TOUCH we can turn on PREVIEW in play, but switch to AUTOLATCH and it nearly always disables immediately on PLAY. Go back to TOUCH and often it works ok. But sometimes not and it’s broken in both modes. And sometimes it works fine in both modes.

I noticed playing in some areas of the timeline seemed to consistently break it, while others consistently worked. Areas with more automation seemed more likely to cause it to break.

But sometimes just repeatedly playing from the same spot, in either mode, it can flip between working and not working without changing anything at all. Just hitting play and watching to see if on the automation panel PREVIEW (AUTOJOIN) disappear. Very odd and frustrating!

Only current hardware controller on this system is a PD pad controller. None of the keys are mapped to PREVIEW.

We do sometimes run with EUCON interfacing to our S5 console. So EUCON is installed.

Our setup has been the same hardware wise for the past year, and this only started happening with the v7 upgrade. It’s totally hampered our mixing so any help troubleshooting is greatly appreciated! We’re running on OSX Mavericks.

Nuendo 6.5 and 7 are separate apps with separate preferences so installing 7 shouldn’t have affected 6.5 at all. I would look to see what else might have changed in your system. When preview becomes disabled are you sure you’re not writing automation anywhere? You can check by revealing parameters on write.

If you have a piece of the timeline which reproduces the issue fairly consistently then narrow a session down to that area and attach the session file (without audio).