PREVIEW automation BROKEN. Won't turn on while playing.

Just started a film mix with newly installed latest version of N7 and immediately have hit a major problem with PREVIEW.

PREVIEW is unable to be engaged as soon as we start rolling. Once in play, we can’t turn on PREVIEW. It can only be turned on while stopped!??

It worked fine in V 6.5 and earlier where you can turn on PREVIEW at any time. Something has changed in V7. As soon as we go into play, the PREVIEW and JOIN NOW/AUTOJOIN options grey out in the Automation panel and keycommands will also not engage PREVIEW.

Unfortunately this renders V7 pretty much unusable for us since PREVIEW is a key mode we’re constantly using.

Oddly, on rare occasions it doesn’t lock out and works correctly. We’ve only seen that a few times and not clear why, but 99% of the time it’s broken.

Is there possibly a new mode or option somewhere that is causing this?? Hoping maybe we’re missing something. Otherwise we’re going to have to go back to 6.5 until it’s fixed.

Preview engages fine in playback here, N 7.0.3