preview level determines fader position?

noticed strange behavior when importing audio wav’s into cubase 10.0.30 pro… with the mediabay.

it is sometimes erratic; but it looks like the preview level determines the setting of the fader the track that is being created while double clicking.

first i thought it is my old MCU, then i thought it is my panorama p1 (freezed up my cubase when was dealing with this problem, does not freeze anymore), but with both controllers off (still a sl49mkii and zero sl mkii, with automap attached), i thought it is the previewe level.
when i change the preview level; the fader goes to that level…
when autopreview is off, this behavior does not occur.

as i said it sometimes erratic.

windows 7 pro 64 bit, up to date.

all other info, in signature.

so preview level determines fader position. never happened before… didn’t try with non audio stuff, like track presets…

EDIT: control room isn’t activated. (no need for it…)


Isn’t it actually a feature? You preview the signal and then you load it with the volume you previewed.

that was i wondering, can’t find anything about it, yet… but this behavior wasn’t there before, and, sometimes, it loads to 0 dB…
and it is better to “pre-gain it”…

so a bug or a feature?? it popped up in 10.0.30…


There is definitely the same behaviour in Cubase 9.5.

I can always reproduce it. Do you have a clear reproduction, when it doesn’t work? Then this might be a bug (if it doesn’t work but it should to work). Maybe if the track is created already and you just drag and drop different/other aid file to the track? In this case I wouldn’t expect the Volume change.

thank you for response and trouble. i will investigate further. i have cubase 9.5 still installed, perhaps the preview was set always at 0dB…
with track presets the behavior is different.

when it doesn’t work? i shall look into it.

if you set auto preview off, it always sets it to 0dB.

didn’t try it yet with an already existing audio track (empty).

seems like feature, then. strange a preview volume should not influence the way it is imported. like in maschine. in my opinion, but there can be other opinions… when i have done my “research” i shall post the results…

thanks again!


I think the idea here is to get it imported the same way you was hearing it while preview. Actually I’m 50/50 here. I do understand both sides and I can see pros and cons of both cases.

Thank you.

i am also 50/50 here, but it was better if it was pre-grain, setting a fader, most of the times i use it only when the effects are in place and all is well, for the mix.

alright, yes the bevahior occurs also in 9.5 pro. never noticed it because the preview level was always on 0dB. never changed that.

i use the media bay more and more, that why i noticed it in cubase 10 pro.

double clicking on a wav file, mostly overrides the preview level. seems always.

but if you load the same wav file (most are loops, samples that i made msyself, from sources i made myself…) again, the fader ignores the preview level. it is already in the pool of course.

it seems that double clicking, when fast enough, overrides the preview level… i will set the preview level to 0dB, or manually adjust the fader, no problem.

still i get it; but preview is preview level, not the level that you want to hear in your mix, although, you can play a sample while playing the project, maybe, that is the point: that the level is correct. and perhaps they assume; you won’t do much effects on it (not in my case… always).

it is logical, but to turn it off or on would be better.

ow well, i adjust the fader on my MCU (that with +6dB headroom preferences, represents the dB’s from the mixer, so i i can see the value on my MCU), and it works. no big matter.