Preview of mono sounds in 5.1 setup

Working in a 5.1 setup my dialog tracks are playing out to center channel. When doing preview (Plugs, Mediabay etc.) mono files will be played out left and right. I would like to have them play out to center too.
What I do until now is in controlroom set “Speaker” downmix to mono when in preview, Now preview of mono tracks will play out to center. BUT i have to switch that button everytime I change between playing tracks and doing preview.
How do you do that?



One of those little annoying things…

Thanks a lot, Domilik

What I tried out up to now is use the MainOutputBus (5.1) for preview only…downmixing it to mono.
And playing the tracks out trough a second 5.1 OutputBus… But then strange things happened with what would go through Controlroummetering and what not and I stoppt. But as there doesn’t seem to be a easy solution inside Nuendo I will give it another try.
And yes, it would be good to have all previewed audio going through a discret channel we can do with what we have to…perhaps even changing volume while having a offline plugIn window open an playing.